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After the phases of research into the nature of the present-day countryside, exchange of information and fieldwork, culminating in the International Conference Campo Adentro between 21st and 25th October 2010, followed the production phase.

This phase consisted of launching a residency programme for creative works related to rural subjects. Artists from different disciplines have been invited and commissioned to immerse themselves, and to produce work, in various regions throughout the peninsula representing paradigmatic cases of the current average rural context.

Three categories of Artists' residencies

1.-Artists selected following an open call awarded March 2nd, 2011, and which was published on this web. Artists were encouraged to propose a place of residence directly related to their project, or to choose from a list of locations selected by a joint process with grassroots groups of Plataforma Rural, aiming for a maximum diversity of territories and cases.

2.- Artists invited on account of their background and previous work, based on the advice of curatorial team members, as well as of permanent team members of Campo Adentro.

3.-Artists with works in the production phase, hosted by Campo Adentro, providing possible residential spaces for project development, final presentations, etc.

To develop specific residencies, collaboration has been arranged with various organisations which share the same interests as Campo Adentro, and which have been developing work on the subject of contemporary art and rural environments.

We are pleased to have the cooperation of institutions such as ACVic offering a place of residence in the county of Osona, Barcelona and Fundacion Botin which has a residence space in the Valle del Nansa, Cantabria.

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The aim of Campo Adentro Residency Programme is to contrast in practice the approaches expressed during the International Conference, and at the same time to carry out a creative investment in rural issues, encouraging artists to come closer to the rural environment, and providing rural communities with resources for self expression and cultural generation. To experiment with site-specific and long-term methods of collaborative art, wherever possible portraying, criticising, transforming or producing the essential concepts which underlie the rural reality.

Artist Residency