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The second open call for Campo Adentro, Programa de residencias artísticas en el medio rural (artists' residency programme in rural areas) will be held in 2012.

The aim of the Campo Adentro residency programme is to put into practice the approaches suggested during the International Conference, and, at the same time, to make a creative investment in rural issues, encouraging artists to come closer to rural communities, and to provide these communities with resources for self expression and cultural creation. To experiment with forms of collaborative, site-specific and process-based art wherever possible, and also with portraying, criticising, transforming or formalising the essences and concepts which run through today's rural reality.

Artists' residencies will be developed as follows:

1.-Artists selected from a public call, to be judged between March and April 2012, the conditions of which may be found on this site. Artists may suggest a residence directly related to their project, or may choose from a list of locations selected jointly with the community-based groups of the Plataforma Rural, attempting to find the greatest regional and contextual variation.

2.-Guest artists invited on the basis of previous work, and on the advice of the curatorial team and selection committee members, as well as the permanent Campo Adentro team

3.-Artists developing their own production, hosted by Campo Adentro, including the provision of potential places of residence for project development, final presentations, etc.

Artist Residency