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Bernea horia, Carl Andre
Bernea horia, Carl Andre

“INLAND- CAMPO ADENTRO” is a project that examines the role of territories, geopolitics, culture and identity in the relationship between the city and the countryside in Spain today.

Its objective is to launch a cultural strategy in support of rural life over a period of three years (2010-2013), specifically made up of an international conference, artistic production through a residency program, an exhibition and a publication.

The project provides artists, farmers, intellectuals, rural development agents, policymakers, curators and art critics, amongst others from the rural and urban spheres, with an open platform for presenting their research and practice. The content is gathered here before it is conveyed to the rest of society.

The current debate about territorial imbalance, the transformation of the landscape and the environmental and economic crisis has added new dimensions to the issue at hand, resulting in the formulation of a multi-layered critique by means of artistic experimentation.

This project offers the chance to analyse current perceptions and representations of rural life and how these influence the construction of identity. Its aim is also to provide an interpretation of rural life that highlights the threats and opportunities that exist in the Spanish countryside from the standpoint of contemporary culture. Rural life is that last, silenced but persistent “otherness”, regarded with apprehension and detachment at some times, and bucolic idealism at others. In any case, this collection of memories, knowledge and relationships must be studied with the due care and attention that they deserve in these uncertain times of radical transformation. This reunion between the city and the countryside may be the key to society’s transition towards a more sustainable future.

Ultimately, “INLAND- Campo Adentro” aims to initiate a process with a predominantly national focus but that also runs in parallel with current cultural and political debates in other European countries, which challenge the way we view the countryside, the city and art.