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On the 14th March 2012, four leading professionals of contemporary art gathered together to sit on the Campo Adentro jury, amongst whom was Antonio Ballester, artist in residence from the previous edition.

Out of more than 200 portfolios received, 5 artists where selected for the Program for Artistic Residencies Campo Adentro 2012, which will take place in the rural environment.

The last grant was awarded jointly to the artists Carmen Cañibaño and Barbara Fluxá.

We would like to thank the jury for the difficult task of going through and selecting from all the submissions and to extend our special thanks to all of those who submitted work to this edition.

Campo Adentro is pleased to have the jurors´ judgment and advice at present and in coming years. We would also like to thank the jury for their commitment and dedication to the project.

Campo Adentro is pleased to be receiving the judgement and advice of the jurors, now and in the coming years.

Antonio Ballester, artist

Ballester began his studies in Fine Art at the UC Madrid and finished them at UdK, Berlin, where he searched for an unprejudiced expression of technique, in which its practice would be based on his concept of freedom.

The artist has developed a wide anthropological investigation of popular culture, crafts and customs as a way of achieving self-knowledge and a positioning in life without the fear of mistakes, alien to the concept of genius. Other references include the relationship between man and nature, a relationship without artifice, as a quest for purity without the contamination of external agents. Ballester´s high-profile solo shows include Gallo Rojo, Gallo Negro (Red Cock , Black Cock) at the MUSAC in 2008, at Peres Projects, Berlín and L.A in 2009, and his first solo exhibit at Maisterra Valbuena. From the many group shows in which he has partaken, we can highlight: Creador de Dueños (Creator of Masters) at Offlimits, Madrid ,2008, Existencias at MUSAC, 2007, No Futuro at Nelson Garrido, Venezuela, 2007, Entresijos y Gallinejas (Innards and Chitterlings) at the Centro de Arte Santa Mónica, Barcelona (2007); the XLlII International Art Contest of Pollença, Mallorca, 2006 and Circuitos XV, Sala de Arte Joven, Madrid (2003). He has received several grants such as the MUSAC Grant for Artistic Production in 2006, and the Propuestas grant from the Art and Law Foundation.

Ballester is a founding member of Liquidación Total, an association dedicated to the mediation of Contemporary Art.

Jesús Carrillo

Carrillo is the director of the department of Cultural Programmes of the MNCARS since July 2008.

He graduated in Art History from the University of Murcia, studied his Masters in historical studies at the Warburg Institute, University of London, and obtained his Ph.D at Cambridge University, King´s College. He has been guest researcher at the Huntington Library L.A, at Brown University in Rhode Island, at the CSIC in Madrid. In 2003 he taught as a Tomás Harris lecturer a the University of London. Since 1997 he teaches at the department of Art History and Theory at the UA Madrid. He became head of department in 2007.

He combines his study of empire and its representations in the early modern age with a critique of contemporary art and culture. From his many publications we can highlight:

Art in the Net (2004), Nature and Empire (2004) Technology and Empire (2003), Ways of Making: critical art, the public sphere and direct action (2001), Trends in Art, Trendy Art (2003) and Disagreements: on art, politics, and the public sphere in the Spanish state(2004-2007) Carrillo has also contributed to many books, science magazines and reviews both national and international, as well as texts for exhibition catalogues.

Marta Rincón

Rincón graduated in Art History from UA Madrid, obtained her M.A in Museology from the Camuñas Fundation, followed by postgraduate studies in Cultural Resources Management from the university of Deusto.

From the beginning of her carreer Rincón has focused on international projects, primarily those related to the promotion of Spanish Contemporary Art abroad. She has collaborated in the international projects of the InJuve (Institute of Youth) and the MInistry of Foreign Affairs. From 2005 she has directed the department of Contemporary Art of SEACEX (State Society for Cultural Action Abroad) which after its merge with SEII (State Society for International Exhibitions) has been renamed as AC/E (Spanish Cultural Action)

In the private sector she co-founded with Rocío Gracia Ipiña, Sergio Rubira and Marta de la Torriente, RMS La Asociación, an agency for cultural production created in 1999 for the curation, production, promotion and dissemination of Contemporary Art.

RMS cultural consultancy´s services cover the curation, consulting, integral management of editorial and exhibition projects; the realization and coordination of educational programs and the management and communication of cultural activities.

Manuela Villa

Villa is the head of content at Matadero Madrid where she curates the site-specific program of artistic interventions Abierto x Obras. She has produced projects such as the Madrid Archive of Practitioners; and Produce, Exhibit, Interpret, a gathering for curators, as well as El Ranchito, a collective research project. She is also a member of the international association of curators of contemporary art IKT and part of the Decolonial Aesthetics research group at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

She has also consulted for Apoyo a la Creación (Support for creation) in the Arts department of Madrid´s council and assistant director of La Noche en Blanco.

Villa is a graduate in Sociology from the London School of Economics and has an M.A in Journalism from ElPaìs/ UA Madrid. She authored the book Emerging Art in Spain (2007) and co-directed the course in Cultural Management at the Carlos III University.

She has written for the newspaper El País as a cultural journalist and is a founding member of Ladinamo, a tool for cultural upheaval.

Reunión del jurado Campo Adentro 2012. De izquierda a derecha: Antonio Ballester, Marta Rincón, Manuela Villa y Jesús Carrillo
Reunión del jurado Campo Adentro 2012. De izquierda a derecha: Antonio Ballester, Marta Rincón, Manuela Villa y Jesús Carrillo
El jurado reunido con Fernando García Dory, director del proyecto Campo Adentro
El jurado reunido con Fernando García Dory, director del proyecto Campo Adentro