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In this phase, the results of the previous production phase from the residency programme were exhibited, in which artists developed their projects in relation to the place where they received an invitation to work.

The idea was to bring closer to a rural public the possibilities of art and culture as a catalyst for feelings and meanings, and to exhibit the creative process they had welcomed, while also using the artworks to provoke debate and reflection in the metropolitan context on current rural issues.

On the one hand there were solo shows, one in each area where a residence was located, with the specific artwork made there, organised by the artist in conjunction with the host community, in a place of their choice, be it local bar, a winery or a clearing in the forest.

Afterwards, a group exhibition was opened and extended in the city of Madrid. The Campo Adentro exhibition is a reference project regarding the relationship among contemporary art, agriculture and the countryside. The guiding intention behind the exhibition was to represent various points of view as an historiography and a conceptual map of representational forms emerging from in these relationships.

From “folkloric” farce, rural idyll, political instrumentalisation, and cultural submission to urban projections, to the emancipation of unpredictable rural peripheries: These exhibitions present different ways of seeing and doing, from an artistic perspective, such as representation of landscape, or the countryside as a support and location for art- objects, including immersing an artist in a local context as a catalyst for new social and cultural self-generated forms, which leave behind the current way we understand art as mass entertainment and a succession of trends.

Can we talk about new "rural creative industries" where cultural innovation allows the rural environment to reinvent itself as an agent of change and stimulus, not just in the economic sphere, but also in the field of social transformation?

Or are we dealing with a new twist in the orchestration of the rural environment as a supplier for the city, in this case, the leisure and cultural services?

Artist Residency

In summary, the exhibition programme attached to Campo Adentro attempts to review recent cultural readings regarding rural issues, artistic proposals favourable to a reunion with “the rural-other” as a way of defining a new identity in a cultural strategy towards sustainability.The exhibition brings together the works of the artists in residence as well as other renowned artists with previous work relevant to rural issues.

Parallel to the group exhibition opening dates, a series of presentations open to the public by participating artists will take place, along with a representative from the locality in which the residence was developed.