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It is the intention that the subjects proposed by Campo Adentro take a continuity through collaboration with the Plataforma Rural Estatal, Alianzas por un Medio Rural Vivo. The Rural Platform ( Plataforma rural ) is a network of environmental organisations, consumers, farmers, NGOs ... which have worked in Spain since 1992 to promote the principles of Food Sovereignty. It is linked internationally with La Via Campesina.

Every two years the meetings entitled Foro por un Mundo Rural Vivo have been held to establish those lines which set the platform's policy framework. In its 5th forum, held in Amayuelas (Tierra de Campos, Palencia) in 2006, it was decided to establish a Comisión de Arte y Medio Rural (C. A. R.) -Commission of Art and Rural environment (CAR), from a proposal developed in 2004 by Fernando Garcia Dory.

The commission was officially launched at an event in Madrid in the same year 2006, with goals and approaches which were reflected in a final statement. download here.

Since then, efforts have been made to organise recruitment of creatives and artists with similar agendas to those of the Rural Platform, supporting the Platform within their organisations, participating actively in the Platform, and in this way, eventually developing this area of work within the movement.

Conferencia Internacional Campo Adentro- Campo Adentro International

The conference resulted in a meeting of various people interested in exploring this possibility, thus constituting the Working Group on art and rural environment, in which you can participate by sending an email to

More information on the Plataforma Rural by clicking here