Classes in the mount

About school classes in the mount project, at Puebla de Sanabria


WochenKlausur’s proposal for this residency in Puebla de Sanabria, from 9 till 30 September 2012, was to implement a school class in the mount for environmental practices.


Before the residency, the artist group defined the project to create this school class in collaboration with a local school.

The contact with I.E.S. Valverde de Lucerna was very fruitful. In the meetings, both realized the potential knowledge and local education this outside classes could bring.


WochenKlausur had a clear idea on these classes content: local professionals and nature workers and dedicators should be the lecturers next to the students, (for example: forest guards, beekeepers, biologists, livestock’s, etc.)

This professional and specific contact next to the youngsters could develop another awareness of the surroundings they study in, and produce critical and visionary ideas about the future of the mountain’s life.


The I.E.S. Valverde de Lucerna collaborated with WochenKlausur since the first meeting. In the following contacts with the Institute the artist group presented a program for three days class in the mount, and a possible space for it’s realization. The Institute agreed with the space proposal, and defined the dates to realize the program in just two days. It was settled.

The first Classes will start in 2013

The Institute compromised itself to repeat the classes during the next 5 years, at least once per year. Of course the Institute will have all the autonomy to, in the following years, change and adjust the content and the invited lecturers for the classes, and also look for some future collaborations with other Institutions.


WochenKlausur walked around some paths and areas that, suggested by the city council, could be exciting for the classes. Some of these areas are far away, and others around the Institute’s surroundings. The spaces closer to the Institute revealed to be more adequate to a good dynamic, and with fewer handicaps, like automobile transportation necessities. Another important prerequisite was to have some biodiversity, so, all the spaces identified as candidates are close to a river.


Is also important to the proposal that locals could think and discuss the definition and ideal design for the space of this classroom in nature. For that WochenKlausur challenged a resident architect and a resident artist to collaborate and work in its vision.


With the desire that this program and future classes will develop with great enthusiasm, and that this proposal could increase for many years and be repeated in other Institutions within natural territories, Wochenklausur leave the wonderful and exuberant landscape of singular Puebla de Sanabria.



Las escasas lluvias de septiembre permiten las primeras labores de alzado. Arañando o penetrando la superficie, optamos por el milagroso, arado de cohecho que profundiza de 10 a 15 cm. El resto de parcelas, con sólo el contacto del viento, reposan y descansan hasta su siembra directa, barbecho o cualquier otra técnica que precise su cuidado.


A class room, by José Manuel Cifuentes

jose-cifuentes-2 jose-cifuentes

The artist José Manuel Cifuentes thought about our proposition of “how should be the space for a school class in the mount?” He sketched a model taking in to account the concentric disposal of an assembly. He simulated digitally a vision that defines the space area with natural means, as simple as plating trees in a specific composition.

Nuestra última parada, este puesto de verano a 1500m.

Hemos llegado a uno de los puestos de verano más altos de la Garganta de la Chilla, creemos esta a unos 1500m. , quizá algo menos. Por su localización, su austera composición, y su estado de abandono es, sin duda, el puesto que más nos ha conmovido. Decidimos, entonces, tomarlo como meta de nuestro viaje.

Nuestro ficticio cabrero y su piara fantasma habitarán este evocador puesto de vivencias ancestrales.